I am looking for a user friendly landscape estimating program for my company and found you on Google search. I have experience with a couple of other programs and was not satisfied with them. Does your program produce a job sheet for the crews?


Does your program have the production rates and assemblies pre-loaded (that can be later adjusted)?


Is it possible to get a trial/demo?

ANSWER: Yes, just try our subscription for a free 30-day trial, with no charge if you cancel within the 30 days.

Couldn’t tell if plants come loaded or if that is data each individual user inputs?

ANSWER: Inventory is loaded by the end user, you can build your own inventory for many different items including trees, shrubs and perennials.

Are other materials likewise listed, and if so what are they?

ANSWER: Each section is divided into areas that address work currently done by most landscape companies. Including, but not limited to plants and planting, irrigation, sod and seeding, top soil, rock, bark, mulches, fabric underlayment, outdoor lighting, fencing, outdoor kitchens and any special project that you would like to include.

Is there a way to integrate your bid sheet with QuickBooks?

ANSWER: Not currently. An invoice can easily be generated in QuickBooks; we use the Customer and Totals sheet to get our totals from. We have QuickBooks generate an invoice based on a broad category of ‘Landscaping’ we break that down by the state we are working, and whether it is a landscape sale or maintenance. If people are looking to track inventory through QuickBooks, they would simply ‘Job Cost’ each job. The Landscape Estimator spreadsheet is set up to track costs. The bookkeeper would get the information from the Job Forman and the estimator, enter that information in the accounting page and if needed, transfer the information into QuickBooks.

What are included in your margins (profit, overhead, equipment)?

ANSWER: Margins are set up so that the company can change them to reflect the policies of the firm. Overhead is a line item on the ‘Totals Page’ Owned equipment, profit, and employee burden would be included in most company’s margin.

Why are your margin percentages different with selected projects and not consistent throughout?

ANSWER: This is up to the individual company. Margins are based on the company policy. We can give general guidelines, but your true cost of labor and other expenses are unique to each company.

What is included with your labor rate is it strictly labor and burden or is there overhead recovery involved?

ANSWER: In our company, the labor rate is; labor, burden (taxes), and equipment cost. We calculate the overhead, as the expenses not accounted for in the landscape job. This would be; labor including the salesman, the office staff, managers, and owners, the utilities, rent and expenses associated with having the office.

Are the labor rates and margins pre-loaded in the software?

ANSWER: Yes, there are standard labor rates in all categories, currently at $45.00 per hour. Most margin rates are listed. The current rate is 42% for plants and trees, but changes throughout the spreadsheet. Margins have many influences, including the local market rates, your discount rate from your supplier and delivery.

What is the cost of the software and are there any ongoing fees?

ANSWER: All options are available for a 30-day free trial. Plus you get free support for one year. Subscriptions are based on numbers of users and do require a monthly commitment.

Is it in feet and inches only or also in metric?

ANSWER: We are currently working on a metric version; we expect to have one available soon.

Does it happen to calculate the estimated number of labor hours to complete the job?

ANSWER: Yes! It not only calculates the number of hours for the job, on the ‘Totals’ page, you can tell the system how many employees and the hours per day, then the system will tell you how many days to schedule for this job. In addition, you would add the job information to the ‘Scheduling Template’ to keep track of total hours on contract and where your crews are scheduled.

We’re particularly interested in having one program that does everything – estimated cost for materials and estimated number of labor hours with cost, so it can print a total cost of the job?

ANSWER: This program has complete job costing. A materials breakdown page, a man hours report and an accounting page which will reveal your margins and true expenses.

How much can you customize/change the software to our own particular needs, such as overhead percentages, adding various types of plants, etc?

ANSWER: The Software is very user friendly. You can change any facet, the overhead percentage, margins, and enter your own information regarding plants, trees, and materials. You can also change your logo and company information.

I am interested in your software for our residential designers.

ANSWER: This program is very user friendly, use it for both Commercial and residential landscaping estimates.

Is there anything in your program that is adaptable to swimming pool installations?

ANSWER: Yes, we have a complete section on many different aspects of outdoor living, including pools and spas, outdoor kitchens and water features.

I have seen software that is based on pools but of course does not have a large focus on landscape?

We now offer a section on Pools and Spas, and also you can use our Outdoor kitchens section to add value to your jobs.

Can we make our own pages such as for fencing?

ANSWER: Fencing, outdoor lighting and special projects (such as wooden structures or outdoor kitchens) are easily accommodated in this spreadsheet.

Can I edit the Customer Page to include my logo?


Is there a section to calculate square feet/yards from measurements?

ANSWER: Yes, there are templates throughout the spreadsheet to calculate measurements pertaining to the page you are working on. You can even calculate the number of rolls of sod you will need to order if your supplier sells in rolls instead of square feet.

Do all the other material items show up on a customer estimate if it’s not needed?

ANSWER: The customer pages are pre-loaded with a generic phrase under each category. You can delete the information and leave it blank. No cost will show up under the total side of the page unless there is an item in this area. But instead of leaving it blank, use this area to let your customer know that you provide this service in addition to whatever you are bidding. You can make these cells or lines disappear when not needed, or customize a message in these areas.

When you print an estimate or invoice do the lines from excel show?

ANSWER: No, only the lines that are intended to be seen. In addition, there are many ways to customize the spreadsheet in the print menu. We can help you set this up.

Do you provide training?

ANSWER: Yes, we will walk you through the initial setup and answer any questions you may have regarding the program. Most companies are up and running with this program in less than an hour.

Do you offer any type of guarantee?

ANSWER: Yes, try a free 30-day trial subscription before purchase, you can convert to a purchase at any time. You are always welcome to keep a subscription, and do not have to make the full purchase.

In addition, we guarantee that you will spend less time generating estimates and more time in the field making money. This program will cut your estimating time down considerably. You can turn bids around in a matter of minutes instead of hours or days. You will finally know the true cost of the landscape job. You will be able to schedule your crews much more effectively.

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