My landscape company desperately needed to streamline its bidding process. After years of frustration with other landscape estimating software programs, I found Landscape Solutions on the internet and decided to give a try. The Landscape Solutions Estimator is so easy to use and no detail is overlooked. The program allows for complete customization of your production rates and local material costs. Complete and accurate bids can be completed in just minutes. I am more than satisfied with my purchase and gladly recommend the Landscape Solutions Estimator to anyone wanting to land more profitable jobs.

Mack D. Sutphin, CLP, CLT
Landscape Designer
Enviromax Landscape & Design, INC.


We found your software program to be a valuable tool for us in estimating our landscaping jobs this past season. Where some of your restraints do not pertain to us or can not be adapted for our particular use, we have been able to help organize and identify areas of our estimates which we had not been attending to in the past. We look forward to any updated versions of this software and are happy to see you are committed to further improvement of your product.

Thank you for considering us for this project.

Carl Kristoffersen, President
Kris-Pro Services, Inc.


…because this program included some items and labor I forgot, I saved myself a great deal of money on my first bid. I like the detailed breakdown on the accounting page. Once my prices were established; I was able to complete a bid in minutes not hours.

Jim H.


..and my net profit has gone up 20% in one year, because I started doing my bids with this program. I added an overhead allowance and accounted for all of my costs, this allows me know what this job ‘could’ cost me before I submit a bid.

Robert E.
Professional Landscaper

I like the water feature page, I am new to the water feature business, and you guys included things I would not have thought to put in my bid. I can use my local supplier’s prices, include the items I want for the particular water feature and know that I have a solid bid

Alan F


This program includes a great financial analysis page. I can evaluate my expenses on each job and see my profit margins.I’m anxious to put in the final figures at the end of each job so I can find out how much money I made. This also helps me fine-tune my numbers on all future jobs so I always make a good profit

David O


Nothing is more important than an accurate bid, if my bid is too high I don’t get the job but I also won’t be in business long if my bid is too low and it ends up costing me money to finish a job. The tools here are great; I can evaluate my margins, adjust labor on any phase of the estimate based on my companies experience and win bids. We use different labor rates for each aspect of our installs based on our crews experience for each division, this program allows me to do just that

Steve C.
Landscape Designer


I must say I’m impressed, this program really works! I am making more money now then ever before…I can easily change labor rates for my installs, my guys are really fast in some areas and slower in others, so I adjust the labor rate to compensate for who I would send on the job. This gives me a great tool for bidding work I might not otherwise win the bid for.

Mike A.


The hardscape sections are easy to use and understand, I can complete a bid very quickly with this system. I like the professional appearance and detailed sections in the estimating program. The comparisons for “degree of difficulty” are great. This information has made it so much faster to complete a bid

J. R. Robertson

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